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Info About Open Ice Time

Riverside Rink and Cazenovia Rink feature open ice times for leagues, schools and other organization events, Public Skate and, when possible, Skate & Shoot sessions .

To book ice time for your organization

Please contact Ian Trudell at 875-4820 or email for more information, or you can also book a time directly off the website (which would then be confirmed via email).  Please keep in mind that all "one hour rentals" includes the resurface time, which is done at the last ten minutes of your time, meaning that a 5:00pm rental is actually 5:00 - 5:50.  Coaches, please be considerate of the groups that follow your time by not waiting until the zamboni doors open to begin picking up pucks, or running another drill.

Cancellation of Reserved or Contracted Ice Time

Cancellations must be reported at least 21 days in advance of scheduled rental date, failure to provide this notice will result in loss of payment received. Cancellation requests must be submitted to Hasek’s Heroes via email or by phone, listed above.


 Renter responsibilities:

  • Maintaining/cleaning the assigned dressing room following your useage.
  • Abiding by all "policies & procedures" signs posted in the facilities.
  • All players/coaches are to remain off the ice until the Zamboni has exited the ice surface, and the doors are completely closed.  Failure to comply will result in the driver leaving the ice unfinished.
  • Ensure that all skaters wear approved safety equipment during rental time.
  • Any damages in the locker room, or to the facility, caused by your participants/spectators negligence.
  • Return locker room key to the pro shop/snack bar attendant.


Skating can potentially be a very dangerous activity. It is strongly recommended that helmets and other protective gear be worn by all skaters during open ice time.