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Program Summary

Program Summary

Hasek's Heroes Program Summary

In 2001, economically underprivileged youth in Western New York became the recipients of an extraordinary gift from one of its greatest sports heroes: Dominik Hasek. Dominik’s love for the sport of hockey and his great compassion for the youth of our region led him to give one of the greatest gifts an athlete has ever bestowed upon this community.

With a directive to create a developmental hockey program for economically disadvantaged youth in Buffalo, Dominik created the Hasek’s Heroes program. Through Hasek’s Heroes, underprivileged youth would have the equipment, ice time and coaching needed to play ice hockey. But beyond that, they would have a safe haven, role models,  character development and team building skills, all of which could effectively change the future for hundreds of youth each year.

The vision of the organization is to use the game of hockey as a catalyst for children ages 6 -13 to realize their full potential. Through participation in Hasek’s Heroes, these children enjoy a safe, after-school and weekend activity with mentors and coaches who care about their well-being.

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