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Program Summary

Program Summary

Welcome to Hasek's Heroes – Where Hockey Dreams Come to Life!


Hasek’s Heroes programming gives boys and girls ages 5 to 12 the opportunity to learn how to ice skate and play hockey. The program provides all equipment the players may need to participate in the program. 

There is no fee to participate in the Hasek’s Heroes program, which was developed specifically for families who cannot afford the cost of the sport, but who want to give their child a chance to learn to skate and play hockey.

At Hasek's Heroes, we are all about creating extraordinary opportunities for boys and girls ages 5 to 12 to dive into the exhilarating world of ice skating and hockey. We've got some exciting updates to share about our programs and the incredible journey that awaits your child:


Our mission is simple:

To introduce the joy of ice skating and hockey to all children, regardless of their financial circumstances. We are committed to removing the barriers that might prevent young athletes from experiencing the thrill of gliding on ice and scoring their first goal. We believe in providing access to the sport of hockey, regardless of financial barriers, and nurturing a love for the game that will last a lifetime.

Hasek’s Heroes is on a mission to make hockey dreams come true for kids in our community


What Sets Us Apart:

  • Inclusivity: Hasek's Heroes is for everyone. We warmly welcome boys and girls of all backgrounds and skill levels. No prior experience is necessary. If your child has a desire to learn and have fun, they're in the right place.
  • Equipment Included: We provide all the necessary equipment for your child to participate in the program. We believe that every child deserves a chance to play, and we're here to make it happen.
  • No Participation Fee: Our program is designed specifically for families who may face financial constraints but still want their child to enjoy the sport. There is absolutely no fee to participate in Hasek's Heroes


Learn to Skate and Learn to Play:

Our Learn to Skate program is the first step in your child's hockey adventure. It's designed to introduce the fundamentals of ice skating, ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident on the ice.
From there, they'll transition seamlessly into our Learn to Play Hockey program. Here, they'll discover the thrill of handling a hockey stick, passing, shooting, and embracing the team spirit that makes this sport so special.


Exciting Updates:

We're thrilled to announce some exciting updates to our program! In addition to our foundational Learn to Skate and Learn to Play programs, we have expanded our offerings to include:

  • 10U Team: This new team provides young players with an opportunity to take their skills to the next level while still emphasizing the importance of fun and teamwork.

Stay tuned for registration details, updates, and exciting news about our upcoming season. We can't wait to welcome your child to Hasek's Heroes, where every skate on the ice is a step closer to fulfilling their hockey dreams.




For additional information, please contact our program coordinator Joe Lo Tempio by


Phone: 716-875-4820 x 106

Check us out on Instagram: Haseksheroes39