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Ice Booking Info

To book ice time with Hasek's Heroes at either Reuben Bud Bakewell "Riverside" Ice Rink or Timothy J. Burvid "Cazenovia" Ice Rink please contact Kevin Adler at 716-875-4820 ext:103 or by email at 


By reserving an ice time with Hasek's Heroes, at either Reuben Bud Bakewell "Riverside Ice Rink or Timothy J Burvid "Cazenovia" Ice Rink, you will by default accept the below Terms and Conditions.


Terms And Conditions

  • Invoicing terms are Net 30 and will be due 30 days past invoice date. Invoices are generated at the beginning of the month to include all bookings scheduled within that month. Invoices will be sent electronically to the email address provided by the User. Invoices are to be paid by cash, check or with debit/credit card.
  • Payments can be delivered or mailed to Hasek’s Heroes 2607 Niagara St. Buffalo NY 14207 or made over the phone at 716-875-4820.
  • Users agree that all invoices 45 days past due invoices are subject to late fees of 5%, applicable at Hasek’s Heroes discretion.
  • Communication and correspondence is to be made through email and all scheduling requests and/or changes are to be directed through Hasek’s Heroes’ ice booking managers email. Any requests made over the phone will be confirmed via email.
  • Any changes to an existing booking requires at least 48 hours notice and must be confirmed through email by Hasek's Heroes ice booking manager.
  • Any cancellations made to an existing booking without at least 14 days notice are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.
  • Users will not be charged a cancellation fee in the event the ice rink is unable to operate because of inclement weather, driving bans, mechanical failure, power outage, or other items of similar nature.
  • Any unauthorized changes in facility bookings and use and/or subletting of time will not be permitted. All changes to the schedule are required to go through Hasek’s Heroes.
  • All bookings will include a 10 Minute Ice Resurface to take place during the final 10 mins or your Booking. For example a typical 60 min booking will include 50 mins of Ice Time and 10 mins for Resurface Time.
  • Groups renting multiple hours may dictate their resurfacing requirement, assuming a booking of two or more hours. By default resurfacing will not be scheduled more than once per hour.
  • The zamboni operator will not go on the ice to resurface if there are any players, coaches or pucks on the ice. If a skater enters the ice surface while the zamboni is resurfacing the driver will drive off and not return. The User will receive the ice surface in an “as-is” condition, without refund.
  • Teams will have 30 minutes after their scheduled ice booking to vacate the dressing rooms. If staff reports repeated instances of teams not adhering not exiting in a timely fashion a $100 flat fee will be billed to the User.
  • Users agrees that no alcohol will be consumed in the facilities and on the premises and will be responsible for any persons connected with them regarding alcoholic beverages.
  • Users agrees that no smoking or vaping is to take place in any part of the facility and on the premises.
  • Users will be held responsible for any damages caused to the facility due to Users participants/spectators negligence. User accepts full responsibility for any Damages caused and are subject to reimbursing the Rinks for repairs if necessary.
  • Users are required to leave dressing/locker rooms in a clean and orderly condition, similar to that they are found when arriving. If staff reports repeat excessive debris and/or rooms being left in poor condition, a $50 flat fee will be billed to the User.
  • Users agree to abide by all public notices and regulation signage posted in the facility.
  • Users agree to return the dressing room keys and other rink property if borrowed.
  • User agrees that The Rinks are not responsible for an items or valuables lost or stolen in the facility or on premises.
  • Users agree that all participants will wear necessary and approved safety equipment while utilizing the facility.
  • Users agree to accept all responsibility for any damages to property or facilities caused by usage participants or spectators. Additionally the User agrees to accept all responsibility for any injuries or deaths that may occur of participants or spectators and agree to indemnify Hasek’s Heroes of any and all Liability.